Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Special K Protein Shakes (Review & Giveaway!) ***Updated with winners

**** Congrats to Encheva, Lisa, Angela R and justme.

I’m a Special K fan. As someone who's actively trying to watch her weight, I have been for a while. Their cereals, particularly the Chocolatey delight and Red Berries, have been mainstays in my pantry. It’s a brand I’ve come to know and trust. So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to try Special Ks new protein shake.

The shake arrived in the evening and as much as I (and my kids) wanted to tear into it that evening I decided the true test would be to have it the following morning, on my way to work. On an empty stomach.

The shake was well worth the wait. With its rich, creamy, decadent chocolate flavor the shake felt like a real treat. The part of me that loves everything chocolate found myself craving another. Of course what I’m learning is that I need to be more in tuned to how I’m really feeling and not to just eat because something tastes good. And what I really felt was full. Surprisingly so. I really did not expect that a shake would make me full. I’ve tried other meal replacement shakes before and was hungry within five minutes. Not so here. The shake kept me full for a good couple of hours which was perfect for me because I tend to like to eat smaller meals and/or snacks every few hours instead of 3 large meals.

Each shake contains 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber (which I'm sure accounts for why they're so filling). The French Vanilla and Strawberry flavors are 180 calories, the Milk Chocolate is 190, which for you Weight Watchers folks like me is only 3 points.

Want to try the goodness for yourself? Click here for a coupon for $1.00 off of a 4 pack (good through 7/30/09). You'll find them in the diet and nutrition aisles of your local grocery store (I've seen them at drugstores too)

**And, the Kellogg’s PR folks graciously allowed me to give away shakes to 4 lucky people. Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite Special K or Kelloggs product and you’ll be entered to win. Winners will be selected at random from all comments received by July 7th.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Wiggles Live! - Review & Giveaway****Updated with Winner

***********Congrats to commenter number 1, Annie!

One of my favorite memories is of driving home after work with my not quite 2 year old twins watching the Wiggles DVD on the portable player. Although they had a rather limited vocabulary at the time, they would sing their little hearts out chanting "Go,Go,Go,Go,Go" and bobbing their little heads.

I got such enjoyment from seeing their delighted little expressions in the rearview mirror. And so began our love affair with the Wiggles. We had to start our weekend days after the Wiggles came on in the morning. Our DVD collection grew exponentially as did the Wiggles themed toys and gear.

On more than one occasion, I caught myself singing "Fruit salad, yummy yummy" or "Where's Jeff ?" at work. Truthfully, I think I got as much of a kick out of them as the kids did. They were songs we could all sing along to. It was good clean, wholesome family fun. Months later when I discovered the Wiggles were coming to the Tacoma Dome I was overjoyed and quickly purchased tickets for our family.

The day of the show, hubby and I were like teenagers about to attend their first rock concert. Seriously, we were so jazzed to be able to experience the Wiggles live with our little fans.

The stage was set amazingly,resembling the tv show to a tee. I was suprised at how excited I got when Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff (I know there is a new Wiggle now...forgive me) arrived on stage in The Big Red Car. We danced , we sang, we wore out our throats hoping Dorothy would come to us and get roses. It was great fun spending that family time being silly and enjoying the show.

And I'd like for one of you to share that same experience with your family. Comcast Arena has graciously offered four tickets for the July 17th, Wiggles Go Bananas show in Everett, WA. To enter: simply leave a comment with your favorite thing about the Wiggles. One winner will be selected at random from all comments received by July 10th,11:59 PST.

For extra entries (each counts for 1 entry)
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Cheerios Spoonful of Stories Program

I love that Cheerios Spoonful of Stories Program has given away more than 35 million children's books by distributing them in cereal boxes and partnered with First Book, a non profit organization that provides books to children from low income families.

In my book (I couldn't resist),Cheerios deserves major kudos for this. Thus I'm doing my part to support their efforts by bringing this contest to you.

Cheerios is hosting it's 3rd annual Spoonful of Stories New Author Contest. Entries are being accepted through July 15, 2009 and will be judged on appropriate story and content for ages 3-8 , emotional connection, writing quality, uniqueness and read-aloud potential(additional details can be found here

And whether you're an aspiring author or simply someone who loves to read aloud with your children I've got a cute set of books from the Spoonful library to offer including "The Great Dog Wash" from the first years winner.

Simply leave me a comment letting me know your favorite children's book and you'll be entered to win. One winner will be chosen at random from all comments received by June 15th at 11:59 p.m. PST.