Monday, October 21, 2013

Reveiw: Teatro Zinzanni's Family Friendly show Tambourine Submarine

My son and I had the pleasure of taking in Teatro Zinanni's latest family show Tambourine Submarine  this past weekend.   Based upon the Seattle kiddie rock band Recess Monkey's hit song of the same name, Tambourine Submarine is a fun little show that tells  the story of what happens when two sailors crash their submarine on a deserted island.

Here's the thing, Teatro Zinzanni is always a fun time. It's cabaret , mixed with cirque du soleil mixed with comedy and song and it's just a plain old good time!   But what I enjoyed about this show is that in addition to featuring some fantastic adult artists such as ballerina Ariana Lallone and Ben Wendel and Rachel Nehmer of Duo Madrona it also features real kids.

 As an aside, the mother of one of the child performers sat right in front of me (I had an inkling from the fact that she was beaming with pride each time her child performed). At the end of the show I asked her how her child got involved in the show. Had he had years of performing experience, I wondered ?  Surprisingly she told me he'd attended one of the Teatro Zinzanni's summer camps and was later asked to perform and funny enough now says performing is his "calling".

Real kids are what made this show more fun and relatable for my 10 year old.    All the kids were fantastically cute, particularly the little hula performers.  The music was fun and lively and there was so much to see as one can always expect with a Teatro Zinzanni show.  And for you parents that may wonder what's in it for me ?  Well besides your child enjoying the heck out of themselves,  Duo Madrona's acrobatic talent will leave you positively stunned!  But wait, I don't want to be a spolier. Go check out the show for yourself. Tambourine Submarine plays on select weekends through December 15th

At $19 for booth seating and $25 for chair seating (close to the action) I dare you not to have fun!
It really is a wonderful show for parents and their kids to experience together.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I was provided with complimentary tickets to the show in order to facilitate this review