Monday, August 11, 2008

Fry-delicious! Or why we now think Burger King Rules

"Fry-delicious" was my 5 year old daughters proclamation after having tried Burger King's new Apple Fries.

My kids have always been fans of apples so when I was asked to try out BK's new Apple Fries I readily agreed. First, let me say that BK doesn't half step. Our samples arrived packed in a quality reusable lunch pack perfectly cold and incredibly crisp.

My kids,well what can I say, they scarfed those suckers down as if it were their last meal. The loved them and if they'd had it their way we'd have driven to BK that instant to grab more.

As a parent, I think Apple Fries could possibly be the most clever food product geared towards kids. Ever. No, of course they don't taste like fried potatoes but with their fun shape and tasty low fat caramel dipping sauce they offer a healthy alternative and a fun experience for the kiddos.

I can't help but wonder if another fast food joint who shall remain nameless, but rhymes with pic-ronalds, isn't jealous they didn't come up with this first.


Ann(ie) said...

CUTE new BLOG girlie!!! I love it! I'm hoping Ben jumps on the apple fry bandwagon. He is not a fruit fan. He will eat a banana from time to time, but that's about it. He does however dig the chicken fry creation. Because they are deep fried. And he's related to me. 8)

Shana said...

I heard about BK apple fries a while back and had been waiting impatiently for them to show up at our local restaurants. My kids have never been real crazy for fast food fries (Thank God) and they were so anxious to see these things.
Ours come in plastic bags and a fry pod (bleh) but the kids love them! I still feel quilty when I take them out for fast food but at least they have these now.
Yay BK!

Mommy said...

I am of two minds on this...

1) Sounds like a good idea.
2) Sounds like hiding vegetables in lasagna.

My cousin's little boy won't eat ANYTHING but Mc-D's burgers and pork rinds. I am SERIOUS. The kid eats NO veggies, just drinks juice and it has to be a specific kind.

Anything that might get HIM to eat apples is good in my book, but for my daughter who LOVES the Mc-D's apple slices in a bag (no carmel sauce) - or a whole apple out of the fridge - I don't like the idea of calling them "fries".

Does that make sense?

WM said...

M- Yep, I hear ya.
My daughter is like your daughter. She loves just eating plain apples. In fact, she didn't even want the caramel sauce. But she really did dig that they were in fry shape. It was different and new. ;)