Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feel Like Throwing Things ?

Anyone who doesn't like snowball fights, please raise your hand. Right, it's just as I thought. You , much like I loved a good snowball fight as a child and secretly or maybe not so secretly get your throwing arm in shape whenever snowfall is predicted to this day.

I get it.

And so does the International Federation of Snowball Throwing (IFST). Which is why they've launched a full on campaign to have snowball throwing added to the Olympics and I quote "IFST’s official mission is to have snowball throwing recognized as a legitimate sport and the superpowers of snow honored on a global stage". Please go and check them out here.

If the official uniform doesn't get you, I don't know what will. Oh and while you're at the site checking out all the um official videos please oh please consider signing the petition to bring this super rad "sport" to the Olympics.

And to entice you to support the Olympics and get you jazzed about snowball throwing and playing in the snow , I offer two of you IFST t-shirts and collector sets of Coke bottles from the 2008 Bejing Olympics.

Simply leave a comment telling me your favorite video on the IFST site or why you think Snowball throwing should be added to the Olympics and you'll be entered to win.
Two winners will be selected at random from all comments received by Thursday, February 11.

*Disclosure- I'm receiving an IFST t-shirt and collector Coke set courtesy of Coca Cola. No other compensation was received for this post


minishoes1 said...

I think snowball throwing should be added because -Who doesn't like to make a snowball and get it nice and round and just throw it! I love it! Actually, I think its good to relief stress. thanks! jacquecurl1(at)gmail(dot)com

Amy said...

I think snowball throwing would be an awesome addition to the olympics because it would be a sport that people all ages could get into!

Madonna said...

I think a lot more people would watch the olympics if snowball throwing was a sport. Everyone does this and loves it.

Sky said...

I've thought long and hard about it...and yes, snowball throwing is like an art. It takes skill and technique. Plus...it's fun!


Trina said...

Wouldn't it be fun to have snowball throwing an official sport. My son, who is 5, would love it. Whenever we get just a dusting of snow he is clamoring to go out and have a fight with his daddy. If they added it as a sport I could have a future Olympian on my hands and I would love to have a gold medalist in the family.

Judy B said...

Just think of all the cool new hipsters that would be walking around if snowball throwing was a sport. It could be a team or solo sport, and could involve targets instead of other people to make it pc. Add it to the roster for 2014!

judychrz at gmail.com

Julie said...

I think it would be a lot of fun to watch-and participate in.Be interesting to see if any famous companies would want to "sponser"?


LeeAnn P. said...

snowball fights as an Olympic sport? Heck ya!! I would finally have a chance to medal!