Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monte Carlo Movie Review

Recent high school graduate Grace Bennett (Selena Gomez) is Paris bound with her best friend Emma(Katie Cassidy) and stepsister Meg (Leighton Meester). Shortly after arriving, Grace realizes the tour she'd saved for wasn't all she hoped it would be. Frustrated and down the three girls take a break from the tour and accidentally happen upon an heiress (Gomez) who just happens to be Grace's doppelganger. Things quickly turn for the girls as Bennett assumes the heiress' lifestyle and the three head to Monte Carlo. While there they each have the fantasy trip they hoped they would have and manage to find out who they really are in the process.

Monte Carlo starts out slow and misses the mark in really developing some of it's character relationships. Early on we're told Grace and her stepsister don't get along. They're forced in to the trip together and the tension is palpable. Then, it's just gone. There is no real heart to heart or no turning point. They just magically start getting along. It would have been nice to see more explanation about that transition or truthfully that piece could have been left out all together. That said, the scenery is amazing, Gomez is positively adorable and when the heiress discovers her identity has been stolen the hijinks that ensue are amusing.

Monte Carlo is just ok. Parents, if you've got a die hard Selena Gomez fan like I do, I say check out the matinee. It probably won't be your favorite picture of the year but your tween will likely enjoy it.

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